Q. How do I purchase online to support a fundraiser?
A. Not every fundraiser opts in for an online ordering option. Check with the group they should have a QR code or link to their groups pernonalized order page which will have
    ordering instructions for that group. Or give us a call if you cannot find out.

Q. If I am wanting to purchase because I just LOVE your products where do I go.
A. Our standard shopping cart that does not support fundraisers can be found at this link.

Q. How much does a group make on a fundraiser?
A. 50% of our standard retail price (some groups add sales tax to their sale price)

Q. How soon will my furndraising order ship?
A. Orders generally ship in about 2 weeks from receipt of order and payment.

Q. How much will it cost to ship my fundraiser?
A. Your initial order of fundraising candles will be shipped free of charge to your organization. Any additional orders may incur shipping charges.

 Q. Are there any fees for starting our fundraiser?
A. NO, everything will be supplied to your group to conduct a succesful fundraiser.

Q. Why are the items on the fundraising shopping cart more than on the brochure prices
A. There are extra costs involved with online orders, we add this small fee so the group still gets their full profit.

Q. Where are your candles made?
A. All of our product is hand made by our team. and located in the small town or Kerrville Texas in the Heart of the Texas Hill Country.


 If you have any additional questions please call.