Fundraising Tips

1. Announce your fundraiser early by newsletter or group announcement.

2. Select a start and end date (stick to it) 2 weeks for a fundraiser has proven the best length.

3. Select a goal for each participant and encourage 100% participation. 

4. Clearly state the reason (purpose) of the fundraiser and what the funds are going toward. Parents and participants are more likely to be motivated.

5.  Spread the word about your fundraiser, post to social media, send notes home to parents, put up posters.

6. A quick start for participants makes for a successful fundraiser, offer a price for the person that has sold the most items after 3 days, 6 days.

7. Offer incentives for everyone in your group. Here are some free and low cost ideas

  • Pick someone that has made a sale after 3 days for pie in the face to principal or leader
  • Extra recess for school students
  • Ask local business's for donation of items that can then be used for incentives

8. Here are some low cost ideas

  • Give everyone who sells X amount a movie pass (maybe donated)
  • Have a pizza party or ice cream party
  • Give all that sell 20 or more items an entry into a drawing for an iPod or some other current hot electronic item
  • Top 2 sellers get gift card to local store 

9. Monitor progress regularly and remind participants daily especially the last week of the fundraiser

10. We want all participants to remain safe.